Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Essence You Rock Collection - LOVE, PEACE, AND PURPLE

This really caught my eye in the store when it came out ages ago. I loved all the purple shimmer in it.
However it sadly didn't transfer onto the nail so well..... or at all....... :( It looked mostly like poo on my nails, with a hint of purple shimmer at just the right angle..... Another failed mani.......

Monday, August 27, 2012

1000 Hour Nail Foils - Epic Fail!

I really wanted to love this product :( The design is so pretty. But that is the only thing it has going for it.

-The foils are so thick they just wouldn't bend enough to stick to my curvy nails.
-The extra effort to apply heat to every nail one at a time was just silly.
-Trying to get a smooth edge was impossible!

This is what my nails looked like after all the effort.......

I thought maybe it was just me not getting it right. So i googled other reviews, and i didnt see one picture that didn't have rough edges at the very least...... How are these on the market still? How do they have the nerve to charge $15.95 AUD?????
Hope i save some poor soul from wasting a single cent on this product...... If you are thinking of buying this..... RUN!!!!!! Invest your money in a new polish :) Or if you really want the sticker type nail polish, get the Sally Hansen ones.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Im Back Yeah! With Chemistry 513 - Purple Holographic :)

Well i have been away from blogging for quite a few months now :(  I was having some health issues that were quite stressful, and i just found blogging too much to face. I'm not sure if anyone will understand what i mean, but i thought i should say something to try and explain lol. So the good news is it seems to be all sorted for now and i'm feeling much better :)

So now on to the nail polish! I thought i would start with some easy(ish) stuff, my crazy backlog of swatches.

I miss summer so much :( I cant wait for long hot summer days........ Anyways this swatch was taken back in summer. It is 2 coats of Chemistry 513. It is a beautiful rich purple holographic :)

I hope to start making semi-regular posts from now on again :)